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ATI is an independent inspection service company having 13 offices worldwide and 100 plus qualified inspectors . We provide inspection and audit services to help clients, retailers, trading partners, Importers and manufacturers to assess product quality conforming to the internationally accepted standards like MIL-STD-105E (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, BS6001, DIN40080 and ISO2859), 4-Point System and AQL 2.5/4.0.

We specialize in providing inspection and audit service i.e. inspection of Yarn, Fabrics, Garments, Towels, Home Textiles, Foot Wear, Leather, Furniture, Stationery, Toys …etc.

The inspection team is a cohesive group of technically qualified trained and experienced Textile/Garment technologist to undertake multistage inspection that is aimed at quality up gradation of your merchandise.

We believe that only through professional excellence and uncompromising dedication to our client’s requirements we can truly fulfill our mission. We pride ourselves on our commitment, service & ethics. We offer a uniquely personal approach to our customer’s requirement. In order to put this into practice, ATI observes the following conventions

  • We are fully dedicated to internationally accepted inspection code and practice.
  • We implement a strict business ethics and compliance code through out our organization.

The aim of our service is to reduce and eliminate as many of your risk in accepting defective products that endangers business as they often mean unhappy customers, lost sales, operation disruption, rework, even safety and legal issues. Through our onsite inspection, ATI will monitor the correct fulfillment of your purchase orders and assures that merchandise evaluated meets all specific requirements.

When you hire the service of ATI, you be sure that, we will provide you with prompt, reliable and accurate inspection services at a competitive price.

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