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In addition to providing specialist quality oriented inspection and audit services to our clients all over the world, for the assessment and evaluation of their products in comparison to the international standards, we are also working towards providing prompt and quality inspection services in India at competitive prices. We offer with a unique personal approach to our individual customer’s requirements and help to monitor their purchase orders and evaluation of their merchandise correspondence to the desired standards. Our pre shipment inspection in India involves the breakdown of the inspection process into several phases that have been briefly explained as follows:

  • The Pre Production Inspection (PPI) takes place before the start of the bulk inspection with the primary purpose of providing the clients with both, product assurity regarding the verification of the adequate raw materials required and with quality oriented supplier inspection in India.
  • After the product verification, the initial production inspection (IPI) is provided by a quality specialist India during the initial stage to allow the client to make important decisions regarding the quality of their products and to rectify any errors present. This eliminates the several risks that are posed in the form of defective products that endanger the business and its sales.
  • DUPRO follows. It is the during production inspection. It takes place halfway through completion. The Quality Inspector in India makes sure that the initial errors have been amended. This process allows for another chance of the correction of any errors that were previously not dealt with or were overlooked. This step ensures quality inspection in India.
  • Final random inspection (FRI) takes place after the goods are packed and are ready for shipment. The reason behind this third party inspection in India is to analyze the product quality before final shipment, which includes complete evaluation of the appearance of the final products and their respective specifications. Our qualified team of vendor inspection India offers quality control in the main manufacturing areas of India and brings an increase in the number of their prospective clients.
  • After the scrutiny of our vendors, we provide First Article Inspection in India that is conducted to give a comprehensive over view of the in coming product. It involves the assessment of not only the appearance of the final products but also of their intricate and minute details namely their color, size and final packaging.
  • We don’t only stop there! We also provide with Container Loading Inspection India. It takes place after the completion of packaging and the approval of the quality of the respective products. The purpose for the conduction of this step is to ensure the quality of the empty container before the final product is loaded as per the packing list. Lab tests as per the requirements of the clients are also available for quality inspection india.
  • Along with our skilled inspection team we guarantee a thorough and quality oriented inspection of the merchandise before its shipment. We offer timely delivery and better quality of the highest standard. Our reliable Shipment Inspection India, comprising highly competent managerial and technical professionals is one of the best

Asia Textile Inspections is best in performing quality inspection india for all the products including but not limited to Apparel, Bags, Binoculars, Caps & Headwear, Ceramics, Clocks, Electric appliances, Electrical Tools, Electrical Vehicles, Electronic Accessories, Equipment, Eyewear, Fabrics, Fashion Jewellery, Footwear, Furniture, Garments, Gifts and Health and Beauty Products. We have best quality inspectors in india that can do quality assurance for Home Appliances, decoration products & Textiles, Household Utensils, Kitchenware, Leather Jackets & Jeans, Light and Lighting, Luggage, bags, Cases, Outdoor products, Paper, Plastic Films, Porcelain, Printing and Packaging, Remote Control Toys, Shoes, Sports Products, Stationery, Steel, Telephone and Mobiles, Tools, Towels,Toys, Watches. We can also do inspection for Rice, Wheat, Canned Food, Soybean, Yarn, Fertilizer and all other products that you are going to import from India.

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