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Quality Control and Production Check in China

We are best in promoting your business with the maintenance of quality products of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

Quality control is very significant for any manufacturer but Quality Control in China has been very crucial due to the low standard of Chinese products, manufactured by communist workers and western consumers are not satisfied with such Chinese products. That’s why western quality inspection is very important to send the delegation team for assessment of Chinese manufacturing products.  We are here to offer exclusive Quality Assurance in China by measuring the products’ quality according to the demands of clients.  We have assigned this task of upgrading the standard of Chinese products to our expert managerial team which has been working in china for several years.  We offer China Production Supervision services, covering all features of production, supplying of products, inspection of products e.g. product appearance, workmanship quality, weight check, labeling & logos, size measurements, functionality assortment, packaging, packing. All these procedural steps of our Quality management in China are dependable upon the production of export market, specifications and requirements of consumers. The main features of our Production Check in China are as follows:

    • We offer our special services of professionals for Production Check in China at the very initial stage of mass production as our inspectors check the primary products in correspondence with the approved samples, evaluating quality of materials and constituents, used in the production process of manufacturing units.
    • Our services of Product Evaluation in China ensures the consumers’ specifications are valued by the supplier or manufacturer, testing the products and upgrading their standard, eliminating expensive production errors, complying their standard of manufacturing items according to international levels.
    • We present Quality Audit Service in China, covering all featured steps of auditing e.g. profile of supplier, safety regulations, domestic organization, quality processes, delivery terms and R & D etc. we have a number of Quality Consultant in China who offer their services of quality assurance by fixing every feature of the program management process, conformity of industrial products of Chinese manufacturing units according to the specifications of consumers.
    • Our services of Production Check in China are valuable due to the exclusive quality control checks of all manufacturing processes, including screening of the raw material, analysis of chemical components of production, inspection of appearance, and quality and safety measures of final products before shipment or loading processes.
    • Our services of China Supply Chain Management are presentable due to sum of reliability, stability of supply, excellence in processing, responsive customer services, and continual analytical control of production.  We are providing the most advanced customer services by maintaining the good quality of products of Chinese industries, supplied by our service providers of China Supply Chain Management.
    • We are one of the leading service providers who offer services of Quality Engineer in China with the assistance of advanced engineering technology to boost up the production.  The suppliers’ quality management during manufacturing process and exclusive engineering design and analytical procedure is supervised by our expert professional supervisors.

    Asia Textile Inspections is best in performing inspection for all the products including but not limited to Apparel, Bags, Binoculars, Caps & Headwear, Ceramics, Clocks, Electric appliances, Electrical Tools, Electrical Vehicles, Electronic Accessories, Equipment, Eyewear, Fabrics, Fashion Jewellery, Footwear, Furniture, Garments, Gifts and Health and Beauty Products. We have best quality inspectors in China that can do quality assurance for Home Appliances, decoration products & Textiles, Household Utensils, Kitchenware, Leather Jackets & Jeans, Light and Lighting, Luggage, bags, Cases, Outdoor products, Paper, Plastic Films, Porcelain, Printing and Packaging, Remote Control Toys, Shoes, Sports Products, Stationery, Steel, Telephone and Mobiles, Tools, Towels,Toys, Watches. We can also do inspection for Rice, Wheat, Canned Food, Soybean, Yarn, Fertilizer and all other products that you are going to import from Asia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, USA, Canada, Spain, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

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